Looking back, moving forward – the Hunter difference

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From humble beginnings in 1977, Hunter Premium Funding has grown to become Australia’s leading specialist premium funder, helping businesses large and small to manage their insurance premiums and unlock their cash flow.

A proud heritage of weathering the storm

In our 45 years of operating, we have worked through the headwinds of many economic changes and disruptions to emerge more resilient and ready for the inevitable next challenge.

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and COVID 19 are examples of events that have seen large scale changes to the funding industry. For example, during the GFC many funders stopped trading, while others reduced their lending appetite or merged to survive.

Hunter’s extensive financial experience, together with the backing of Allianz Australia, allowed our business to not only survive but grow through these challenging times. Our strength is why brokers, and their clients choose Hunter Premium Funding to help realise their businesses potential.

Despite these challenges, Hunter continues to invest in our people and innovation, in order to make funding low touch and as easy as possible to transact. For example, Hunter delivered an industry first with Background Funding, where we included the funding quote on the payment section of the insurance invoice.

Leading the industry forward

The insurance and finance industries are again experiencing an incredible amount of disruption including regulatory and legislative change, and as we have done in the past, we are well positioned to anticipate and prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

“Our heritage equips us for the future,” says Hunter Premium Funding CEO Brad Bartlem. “We will likely see more change in the industry over the next two to three years, and Hunter will lean on its 45 years’ business experience to remain at the forefront of premium funding in Australia and New Zealand”.

New and refreshed brand

As we position ourselves to navigate these future changes, we also wanted our brand to reflect our continued evolution and future focus. As a result you may notice our new Hunter Premium Funding branding being rolled out over the coming months. We believe our cleaner look and more contemporary look and feel better represents our brand statement, ‘Ready for today, Prepared for the future.’

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